Social Media + Life in 2018

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Social Concepts on social media

It’s Social Media Day, which is a great time to reflect on how we use social media and the value that it adds to our lives.

Social media may have started as a way to keep us connected with friends and family, but it has evolved over time to be so much more. Facebook, in particular, provides an opportunity for businesses to speak directly with their audiences, create and inspire whole communities, it’s known for breaking news stories and also provides a way for people to mark themselves as ‘safe’ in the wake of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Social media is now an everyday part of life for most of us. The most recent Yellow Social Media Report by Sensis revealed some interesting statistics. We’ve highlighted a few below:

  • Almost 9 in 10 Australians (88%) have a social media presence
  • 13% of users are online when they are on the toilet (we hope they are washing their hands!)
  • Facebook remains the most popular platform with 91% of social media users on the platform
  • 33% of people on social have reacted to a post that turned out to be untrue
  • 30% of people on social media think that it has impacted their grammar

It seems that social media influences our lives in many ways including our grammar and believing fake news!

So, how can we use social media to grow our business opportunities?

In this cluttered online space, we need to stand out, be heard and create a connection. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Authenticity: show your true self. People don’t connect with businesses. They connect with the people behind the business, with the values of the company, with the products and the experiences that they associate with the brand. Social media is your space to share and highlight who you are and what your business stands for. In a world of fake news, be real!
  • Value: far too many social media accounts these days are self-serving. They don’t consider their audience, and they don’t give back. Ask yourself, how can you give back to your followers? Can you provide them with tips, secrets or hints that adds to their experience of connecting with you?
  • Consistency: it’s important to maintain post consistency. Posting sporadically, once this week, twice next month, doesn’t cut it. When you post regularly, your audience starts to know when to look for your content. If you post inconsistently, your audience won’t know when to look for your content and you won’t be able to build that relationship. In addition to this, Facebook and algorithms respond to regular posting.


This Social Media Day, I urge you to reflect and consider how you use social media in both your business and your personal lives. This amazing technology has literally changed the way we connect with others personally and professionally. How can you use social media to enhance your connections in an authentic, valuable and consistent way?

Social Media Day 2018With years of experience in both traditional and digital public relations, as well as social media, Jessica founded communications agency, Social Concepts, in 2013. Backed by a small army of incredibly talented people, Social Concepts helps businesses to build a strategic presence both online and offline.