Word Symmetry Philanthropic Scholarship Fund

We created this foundation with the vision to see young Australians living their dream and achieving their potential, irrespective of circumstance.


Our mission is to provide the opportunity for our leaders of tomorrow – from all walks of life – to believe in themselves and know that is their birthright. That what they dream of is valued and valuable, irrespective of race, identity, gender, family background, origin of birth, upbringing, or anything other distinction.

Because even the most adverse circumstances can be overcome when we have something to believe in.

Word Symmetry Founder & CEO, Jennifer Faulkner, understands this intimately. Among other things, she had the privilege of growing up in a poor, single-parent household in rural Victoria. Though many would struggle to consider that a privilege. Her childhood was a blessing because growing up on the poverty line meant that she spent a lot of time outside playing, day-dreaming and connecting with the land and animals. This is why Aboriginal culture holds a special place in her heart.

As a young girl, Jennifer’s mother always told her that she could be anything she wanted to be. So, without ever questioning it, she put herself through university to become a lawyer and successful businesswoman.

This is the kind of self-belief we want to help young people around Australia discover.

We will be sharing more of our work and ways you can support us soon. In the meantime, please share our One Thousand Ways Facebook Page & help weave new pathways of opportunity.