When I launched Word Symmetry, I always knew I wanted to support non-profit organisations that create meaningful impact within vulnerable populations.

Growing up, my mother worked hard on the farm to raise my sister and I by herself. We never had much, but we always had what we needed. Undistracted by the latest toys and pop culture, I played on the land, sang to my heart’s content, connected with the animals and created whole worlds with my imagination. I learned to appreciate the simple things.

Those organisations that helped us all those years ago, made mum’s life just that little bit easier. It might have been helping with furniture or delivering a small box of Christmas treats, their kindness spoke volumes.

I feel incredible gratitude that the work I do enables me to pay it forward and support others. In 2018 Word Symmetry launched the One Thousand Ways Scholarship Foundation where we donate 5% of all profits toward building a scholarship fund to help rural and remote young people achieve their dreams. You will be supporting them simply by working with us.

We are also proud to support these amazing organisations:

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

We are proud to be an ongoing partner of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. 

The Indigenous Literacy Foundation works in remote Indigenous communities in Australia where books are scarce and literacy levels are lower than anywhere else in the country. The Foundation’s mission is to reduce disadvantage faced by these children and improve lives of Indigenous families through gifting thousands of new and culturally appropriate books and running programs to inspire these communities to tell and publish their own stories, in English and their first language.

To learn more and get involved, visit: The Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The Tribal Trust Foundation

We are excited to announce the Tribal Trust Foundation as our charity of choice for 2017. 

Working to preserve Indigenous culture since 1996, the Tribal Trust Foundation identifies sustainable grassroots projects within some of the world’s most vulnerable indigenous communities. As these communities are increasingly being forced to integrate with modern culture, much of the living arts and traditional wisdom is being lost. The Tribal Trust Foundation’s mission is to help ensure the preservation of these precious cultures which hold the secret to humanity living in harmony with the earth.

To learn more and get involved, visit: The Tribal Trust Foundation.

Destiny Rescue

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We are proud to volunteer our time to support the work of Destiny Rescue.

Destiny Rescue is a non-profit organisation offering hope and freedom to thousands of underage girls who have been trafficked or trapped in sexual exploitation. After being rescued, the girls are supported in safe locations where they sleep soundly, receive education, vocational training, counselling and healthcare, spiritual guidance and, most importantly, love. Through groundwork, advocacy and education, Destiny Rescue give a voice to the children who don’t have one.

To learn more and get involved, visit: Destiny Rescue.