When the words you use are just as important as the change you seek.

Word Symmetry works exclusively with speakers, authors and entrepreneurs who want to create a genuine difference in the world.

Why choose us…

At Word Symmetry, we are motivated by meaning. We genuinely believe in the power of story and its ability to share healing and hope with those who need it.

We work with people who have done the inner work – because that’s where the gold is. Speaking from experience, we know it is during this process that people uncover the fundamental gifts they have to share with the world. And, because they’ve done the inner work, they refuse to make any more trade-offs between their truth and someone else’s strategy.

Jennifer emerged from her own personal journey to be able to reflect on her experiences of grief, trauma, profound loss and a complete annihilation of ‘self’ with a deep sense of gratitude, purpose and knowing. It wasn’t easy, but it was profound. She has learned to embrace the sacredness in death, forgive the unforgivable and understand the true meaning of unconditional love. To be able to transcend those experiences, having received the blessings and teachings, is a beautiful gift that every person who does this work has access to.

For our clients, it begins with a desire to share their personal experience in service to others. We journey into the depth of their personal knowledge and use our own intimate insights to weave a storyline straight into the hearts of their audience.

By helping you to re-discover ‘who’ you are at the very core of it all, and then focusing on storytelling rather than information-sharing, we know we are making a positive difference.

We help you…
  • Clear blocks to feel 100% supported in living your legacy
  • Achieve ripples of change on a global scale
  • Experience more clarity and confidence in your message
  • Effect healing through purpose, education and connection
  • Reach the hearts of your audience
We believe in…
  • Living with purpose
  • Fostering genuine connection
  • Sharing knowledge & wisdom
  • Creating global change
  • Leading by example

You are welcome to speak with Jennifer about her personal experiences more intimately, or if you already love what you’ve read and are ready to share your story in some way, please get in touch by email or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

About Jennifer 

Jennifer Faulkner, CommunicationsBefore I became a storyteller and teacher of intentional communication, I worked as a lawyer in Melbourne. As much as I loved helping people, and telling stories through affidavits, it never brought me the satisfaction I thought it would. The way we were taught to communicate with people felt detached and insincere. Disconnected from the earth, my creative self and any true sense of purpose, I retired from practice in December 2013 and created Word Symmetry. It was the best decision I made!

Today, I work with a new generation of inspired leaders who are committed to making a genuine difference in the world. They want to be catalysts for change, engage meaningfully with their audience and be seen in a much more powerful way. I also still love to freelance and occasionally contribute to a few different journals both in Australia and internationally.

Life is precious, don’t you think? It feels so good today to take the time to literally stop and smell the flowers. To be present enough to notice how the leaves of the trees change to a vibrant shade of green just after the rain. I’m also blessed to be in the position where I can give back to the community and help vulnerable populations.

I dream of living in southern France, even for a short time, and travelling around the world to learn about different cultures and ways of living in harmony.



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