When the words you use are just as important as the change you seek.

Word Symmetry supports thought-leaders and entrepreneurs in building their platform and achieving global reach. We exist to help you entice, inspire and educate people to make a genuine change in the world.

We help you…
  • Feel 100% supported in living your legacy
  • Achieve ripples of change on a global scale
  • Develop your digital platform and increase visibility
  • Effect healing through purpose, education and connection
  • Achieve symmetry between your brand message and personality
We believe in…
  • Living with purpose
  • Fostering genuine connection
  • Sharing knowledge & wisdom
  • Creating global change
  • Leading by example

An effective content strategy takes a village. We love what we do and we do it well. That means you can feel confident and relaxed in the integrity of your message as you focus on the things you love.

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About Jennifer 

Jennifer Faulkner, CommunicationsBefore I became a communications specialist, I worked as a lawyer in Melbourne. As much as I loved helping people, it never brought me the satisfaction I thought it would. So I retired from law in December 2013 and established Word Symmetry. It was the best decision I made!

Today I head up a communications agency working with entrepreneurs and leaders who are committed to making genuine a change in the world. We help them refine their message and expand their global reach across digital platforms.

I’ve also contributed to various journals both in Australia and internationally and love being in a position to pay it forward.

Life is precious, don’t you think? It feels so good today to take the time to literally stop and smell the flowers. To be present enough to notice how the leaves of the trees change to a vibrant shade of green just after the rain.

I dream about living in southern France, even for a short time, and travelling around the world to learn about ancient cultures and ways of living in harmony.



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