Jennifer Faulkner, Writer at Word Symmetry

Helping you to achieve Symmetry between your Words and Intentions

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights, recognising the inherent dignity and equality of every person as essential to the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world. Word Symmetry is an independent consultancy firm, working with you to ensure that your company or business is aligned with human rights and that you meet your legal obligations through company policies, best practices and education. Our mission is to help all people enjoy a life of cultural richness, connection and equality.

Jennifer Faulkner is the founder of Word Symmetry, a human rights advocate and organisational consultant. She is a Master’s student of Human Rights Law, a humanitarian and philanthropist. Through speaking, writing and educational workshops, Jennifer encourages leaders from all walks of life to share their wisdomlead with heart and be powerful catalysts for change.

Upcoming Tours & Workshops

Dadirri: A Deep Listening 10-week workshop with Garminungeena (aka Aunty Jenny Thompson), Feb 2019. Sunshine Coast.
(Closed Group Workshop)

Manifesting Grace: Enhancing our lives and relationships through stillness, meaning and connection, Apr 2019. Gold Coast.

More to be announced soon…